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MJ Nursing Assistant Training Institute offers:

  • CNA Training Class

  • Home Health Aide (HHA)

  • CPR/BLS Class


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CNA Program Information:

  •  $1,250 is the cost for the tuition. This includes the $100 non-refundable registration fee.

  • Program length:  34 class days or 47 class days if there are more than 15 students in a class.

  • Our CNA classes are currently offered as NATP with synchronous classes held online via Zoom.


Home Health Aide (HHA) Program Information:

  • 40 hour HHA course

  • Our HHA program costs $600 including a non-refundable $100 registration fee.

How to Register:

1. Call the office at (209) 233-9854 to schedule a registration appointment.

2.  Appointments can be scheduled Monday - Friday between the hours of 8am-11am.   Please allow yourself 45 minutes to fill out all the necessary paperwork.

3.  Bring your driver's license, social security card, Covid vaccine card, and your non-refundable payment of $100 to secure your spot.


Weekend class will only start when we have enough students to fill a class. Our next weekend class will be determined upon the number of students enrolled.  



 (209) 233-9854

 Program Requirements:

  • Must be at least 16 years old in the state of California.

  • A diploma or GED is preferred, but not required.

  • Applicants must present a California ID and a Social Security Card upon submitting application.

  • Live scan must be submitted prior to orientation or must be completed on orientation day.

  • Attend mandatory orientation

  • Must have a TB skin test prior to patient contact.

  • Must be able to read, write, and speak English.

  • Must sign student agreement enrollment form.

  • Must have Covid-19 vaccination and booster.

Call now to start your career as a CNA. (209)-233-9854

Hours are by appointment only.


Tuition Assistance Plan:


A payment plan is available to assist you with your tuition fees.  The first payment of $600 is due on orientation day.  The second $600 payment is due before the start of our clinical rotation.




 MJ Nursing Assistant Training Institute (NATI) provides a 160 hour Certified Nursing Assistant course that trains students in the care of residents in long term care facilities. The program consists of 17 modules focused on all aspects of resident care, including, but not limited to the following: resident's rights, body mechanics, taking vital signs, and rehabilitative nursing.

All students must pass each module with a 75%.  The course ends after successful completion of our 34 day or 47 day training program.



This course will provide students with entry-level skills applicable to  various health professions. The experience gained as a certified nursing assistant also enables students to consider and pursue upward mobility in health services.


(209) 233-9854

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